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*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]roterstern ~*

Have a brilliant day, yeah?? :D :D *hugs and kisses*
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Oh my god, I am so overwhelmed and happy right now. Crono8 over on dA took a liking to my FST, and she and KleeB made me a beautiful cover to go with it ;A;

So, even though I've posted this old thing before, it  has better notes and an amazing cover now, so I'm gonna do it again! /shameless whore

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Lol it's a screencap, no spoilers~


Where it says 'original footage provided by', that means a 16 year old boy who spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to rip the footage out of the hacked game file, then how to rip the audio out, then synch it himself, then upload it to youtube, having to travel between two different houses several times in the middle of the night to use separate computers.

'Translations by' means a girl who had spent all day at work, came home dead tired, nagged the aforementioned 16 year old boy online until he set audio to the video, then spent two hours translating it by ear, seeing as there were no Japanese subtitles to read, while trying to control freaking out about the content itself. Emotionally and physically drained, this girl was reduced to dry sobbing and near-hysteria, spazzing out to anyone who happened to be online at 1:30 in the morning. She then went to work the next day, where she tripped over twice and dropped a crate of shampoo on her foot because she could hardly see straight.

'Subtitles by' refers to a girl who stayed up until at least 7:30 in the morning getting the subtitles in and working, being patient with her nagging and demanding translator, then fighting evil codexes and other things all on her own far into the night as the other lazy two had crawled into bed.

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Thank you, fandom. Especially certain people, but you know who you are. You've helped this scatter-brained weeabo figure out what she wants to do with her life.  ♥
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Now I don't have to just devour spoilery tidbits from my f-list!!! Ironically, I also FINALLY got my Japanese copies of the game... TODAY. So one minute I had no copies, and now I have 3. wtfff

I have decided: I will not let myself play past where I'm up to in the novel, so I don't fall behind. Unluckily, I'm up to a chapter which is pretty much the goings on in castle oblivion... which isn't even in the game... so I have a lot to do before I can play again!! D:
OH WELL. The novel is pretty awesome, too~

(I am actually playing this one, not forcing my brothers to play while I watch, like with all the other games... I am on beginners mode 8D)

Now I've seen the localised version, I know how to translate a lot of terms better, and I can fix up my capitalisation stuff too... so, my translations so far will get an overhaul at some point before I post them on my journal. The ones on will also get fixed too! Ahhh, I am so excited and HAPPY. FINALLY!!! FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

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I have recieved my 358/2 Days novel.

I have also been banned from the internet. I can't really work up any emo about being banned just yet. I regret nothing~

I will find a way to work around this, but I can't keep up with commenting, looking at stuff and replying as much as I want to anymore, if at all.

Love to anyone following me for translations, I promise I'll do my best to get these out to those who are looking forward to them.

And love to all the people on the net whom I have become closer to recently. Thank you for being awesome, guys, I don't even have words. That might sound like a cop out, but the closest thing I can get to explaining would look like an all-caps keyboard smash coupled with trying to hug the computer at the same time and shrieking... do not want, right. Therefore, exercising restraint. 

Thinking of you. Over and out.


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