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For anyone who might be interested:

My KH novel translations are also posted in a much prettier, cleaner, easy-to-navigate and all-round beautiful layout created (and managed... *fails at websites*) for me by the amazing Olivia here on She even made a beautiful logo and everything aasd;lalegagf

So yeah. If you ever want to find chapters easily without having to skip back and forth from my index doodad, then this site is way way way better. And prettier. And it does this awesome scrolly thing, and. It's just. Eee~

Quick question for people interested in novel translations:

I was just idly thinking about what I plan to translate and in what order. Personally I want to do them all as a long-term project, but I would want to do ones people might be wanting to read earlier.

list of novels~ )

My question is: what order would you like to see these translated? I'd really love to hear from anyone that might be interested in reading the novels, even if we've never talked before now! I don't bite unless you want me to

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

to-do list
+Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol. 3 Xion-Seven Days (2/8)
+Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Reverse/Rebirth (3/9)
+Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 1 Roxas-Seven Days (prologue done)
+Kingdom Hearts Short Stories Two Axel-Seven Days (all but two disney chapters done)

don't own but am planning to buy off in near future:
-Kingdom Hearts Vol. 1
-Kingdom Hearts Vol. 2
-Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol. 1
-Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol. 2
-Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 2 The Destruction of Hollow Bastion
-Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 3 Tears of Nobody
-Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 4 Anthem--Meet Again/Axel Last Stand
-Kingdom Hearts Short Stories Other Diamonds
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Lol it's a screencap, no spoilers~


Where it says 'original footage provided by', that means a 16 year old boy who spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to rip the footage out of the hacked game file, then how to rip the audio out, then synch it himself, then upload it to youtube, having to travel between two different houses several times in the middle of the night to use separate computers.

'Translations by' means a girl who had spent all day at work, came home dead tired, nagged the aforementioned 16 year old boy online until he set audio to the video, then spent two hours translating it by ear, seeing as there were no Japanese subtitles to read, while trying to control freaking out about the content itself. Emotionally and physically drained, this girl was reduced to dry sobbing and near-hysteria, spazzing out to anyone who happened to be online at 1:30 in the morning. She then went to work the next day, where she tripped over twice and dropped a crate of shampoo on her foot because she could hardly see straight.

'Subtitles by' refers to a girl who stayed up until at least 7:30 in the morning getting the subtitles in and working, being patient with her nagging and demanding translator, then fighting evil codexes and other things all on her own far into the night as the other lazy two had crawled into bed.

sun in an empty room )

Thank you, fandom. Especially certain people, but you know who you are. You've helped this scatter-brained weeabo figure out what she wants to do with her life.  ♥


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