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I just realised that the scans I did for have disappeared in the overhaul the site is going under (sorry, [ profile] julianifuliani ). I have discovered that I CAN actually post pictures on my LJ (for some reason I assumed you needed a paid account to do that >___>;) so, without further ado:

Cover )
Chapter 1: Roxas and the Gang )Chapter 3: Lions )Chapter 4: Gummy Ship )Chapter 5: Marly and Rakushiin )Chapter 6: Axel, Namine and Roxas )
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I finally managed to get my scanner working! This means I was able to scan the illustrations by Amano Shiro that were in Axel--Seven Days, the novel. I don't have a paid account, so I can't post them on this LJ, but you can find them on Heartstation here, where Olivia has kindly posted them for me!

The coloured cover picture is of the jacket. The cover of the actual book is the same, but it's all in tones of red, and it's pretty stained and dirty from all the adventures the book has gone on with me :D so I didn't scan it. I also cropped out all the parts with the story text in it because it was covered in my ugly handwritten notes and scribbles. You don't need to see that I write like a grade 4 kid DX


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