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I originally put this together for my lovely friend [ profile] fenix_tamer   in word-document form (hence the shitty descriptions), but then I was procrastinating and felt like updating it... then I felt like making it into a post. This is much more interesting than memorising kanji~ Most of these should be links to, but I dug around for all the author's LJ names for stalking purposes. 

WARNING: There are probably a lot of ADULT THEMES in the fiction in this list, which may include ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE ABUSE, DEATH, SEXUAL SITUATIONS and SODOMY, and be advised that all will involve AXEL AND ROXAS IN A RELATIONSHIP, so read at your own discretion. I also swear a lot. CRAP BOOBS CRAP


Gentian Blue
, by[ profile] mochawhip  
Blue gentians for saddened love and white dittanies for your passion. For the immortal and invincible artist, gravity would always give mercy in his footsteps.
This one might punch you in the guts and leave you winded and dazed for a while. It was this one that made me wake up and stop skipping over fics marked AU. I was BLIND. 

My Girlfriend who Lives in Canada, by [ profile] ronsard 
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single high school boy in possession of a good libido, must be in want of a girlfriend—or a pretend one.
This is the one fic I continued to check even when I was living in Japan and time on the internet was brief and rare. The mastery with which a life is created for Roxas’ in this fic, with all its different parts (friends, family, school, work, his past etc) conflicting and meshing and being fleshed out just makes this fic so real. 

Boys, by [ profile] caseyvalhalla  
It's about growing up, mostly. Sometimes it's about love and sometimes it's about friendship. Sometimes it's about hockey. But sometimes it's about the difference between what's real and what's fake, between being a boy and being a man. Riku/Sora, Roxas
I read this one kind of backwards, in that following a link from somewhere else I read chapter 19 first, then read to the end, then went back to 1 and read it all through again. This means I saw how awesome the foreshadowing is, and the plot, and the message, and--!!

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll, by [ profile] laylah  
This is actually a huge hot awesome universe. Be careful, take the name of the fic as a literal warning as to the content. I fell in love with her dorky nympho Demyx. 7, 10 and 11 are the Akuroku chapters, but please don’t only read those. 5 made me realise how hot Lexaeus/Zexion is >___>;

A Lesser Beauty, by [ profile] feraldolce  (WIP)
Roxas, a junior in college, is tormented by emotional baggage and unrequited love. On a campus populated by burnouts and bored intellectuals, Roxas is just another proverbial drop in the bucket of teenage apathy. Then he meets Axel. AU. AkuRoku.
This thing is going to slide needles into your heart, slowly, almost imperceptibly, then make you jerk and fucking rip yourself from the inside out. In short: it hurts. Beautifully.

Wait and Hope, by [ profile] thanatophilia  (WIP)
Sora is the pretentious prince of Coolsville and the whores ain't goin' home 'til six in the morn. Soracentric. Het, Slash, Femslash. AU.
Her stuff is indescribable. The first word that springs to mind is ‘crack’ but that doesn’t come close to describing the beautiful, terrible, epic weirdness of her writing. This fic is about whores in space. Just… read. And then go scour through all her other stuff, which can be found here and here. There may be more on her LJ, which I think you need to friend to view, but it is definitely worth it~ 

Yellow House, by redwing55 (WIP)
“You’re more important than you know. Shut up. I don’t want to be dead, and you don’t want to be here. Didn’t your mother ever tell you life isn’t fair?” Roxas is a ghost, Axel just moved in, and things are about to get a little twisted... AkuRoku, AU
I usually don’t read ancient WIP because they eat at me, but this here… is something else.

Fortunate Son, by [ profile] feraldolce  
A traveling circus, a literature class, and classic rock. When Roxas planned his summer, this isn’t what he had in mind at all. Axel/Roxas oneshot for 8/13.
Fics like this don’t come very often; ones that strike right to the core of things we feel ourselves, with a message we can take and apply with courage to our own lives. And that’s only half of the best part of the fic. The other half is that it’s got a circus, and AC/DC, and AKUROKU. Don’t forget your cassettes. You should have realised I've recced two things by [ profile] feraldolce  now. I'll save you a few seconds: read everything here.

There used to be a few words here telling you to read absolutely everything by a writer called suddenchangeofh, or Matt, but I can't tell you to do that any more. What I can tell you is that Matt is one of my favourite writers, and I don't just mean in the realm of fanfiction. Call me melodramatic, stupid, whatever, but I start to tear up whenever I am reminded that he is no longer a part of our fandom or my life. Although I didn't mean all that much to him, I really respected and admired Matt. Not only was he a talented writer, he was a very lovely person. I think it's his giving nature that led to him not being here any more. He always had kind and encouraging words for me. I only wish that I had gotten over my insecurities and fear of him finding out how stupid and boring I am and taken every chance I could to talk to him. 

Everything written by [ profile] kat7077  
Warning: these fics will knife you, sometimes you’ll see it coming and sometimes you won’t. But you will get knifed.
tinsel town boy (WIP?)
AkuRoku, high school AU. Axel starts a band because he thinks it will help fix things. At least some people will know their names when it's all over, even if the rest of the world won't. At least Roxas is smiling again.
Dispatch to the Sea Floor
akuroku. high school. Roxas's dad is a total dick, his academic career is going nowhere, and sometimes, from certain angles, his best friend looks hot enough to kiss. It's strange. This year is starting to feel like the last.
in paris by morning
AkuRoku. The whole world is crumbling. Axel picks this time to fall in love.
maybe sprout wings
AkuRoku. Roxas has Broca's aphasia and secretly wants to burn down the house. Axel makes chicken dinner and thinks about birds.
Don't forget everything else here, and on her writing journal [ profile] birdscape .

Sugar and Spice by [ profile] michele_bell  (WIP)
Roxas likes Naminé. Axel wants to help Roxas get the girl. But when Roxas finally is able to get Naminé's attention with the help of Axel, he finds himself crushing on the redhead as well! Oh, crap. AU. High school setting, somewhat crack-ish. AkuRoku.
This fic is so cute and funny. I read so much depressing stuff (if you’ve got this far through the list…!), that fics like this are a breath of fresh air. This time, Axel isn’t the horndog ;D

[ profile] israel_project   fic:
Hearts That Pump Dust (WIP)
Sora's living it up, watching the stars. Roxas is delivering flowers, aiming for peace. Axel is - searching. You don't just *leave* Organisation XIII. Not with your heart intact. AkuRoku
A lot darker than the summary suggests. Axel both creeps me out and breaks my heart.
Angels Fallacy
Axel is a priest searching for the truth beyond the myth... and discovers what he was never expecting. Chaptered, based on Nijuuni's picture of the same title. Also her kiriban fic ;
DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF RUNNING AWAY BECAUSE IT’S GOT RELIEGON IN IT. It inolves a deep (or so I think :P) exploration of religious concepts, obsessions and rituals, which made my agnostic heart sing~
Those Who Lie 
Based on Nijuuni's picture on dA. In gangland Vegas, a man is on his knees with a gun inside his mouth, someone else's finger on the trigger, accused of lies. The big question is: what was he lying about? AkuRoku
I can’t decide whether you should live or die~ this fic is like. Complicated enough to be a book or something. 
Where the Wild Things Are 
AkuRoku Day giftfic for Decorinne. After falling down a hole, meeting an enigmatic cat-boy, and struggling hard to stay, you know, *alive*, Axel's starting to get kind of fed up with this forest. Weird-ass oneshot in two parts.
Weird-ass only begins to cover it. It really, really catches you up in the emotions the characters are feeling.

Five Acts and a Damn Good Kisser by [ profile] pickledgreen  (WIP)
AU. In which Xigbar is a drama teacher, Kairi directs a play, and some poor, helpless souls get suckered into acting. A story of teenagers, unrequited love, and unfortunate casting. AkuRoku, other pairings to be revealed.
The way this fic swerves between clique and surprising had me following avidly.

6,581 Miles to Luma, by [ profile] caseyvalhalla  (WIP)
A clone, a priestess, a fugitive and a knight are crossing the desert together in a V-class 1300-series armored truck. There must be a punchline. --Post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy road trip; Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora--
Did I mention I'm a sucker for post-apoc/sci-fi *A*

dust to dust by [ profile] lottery  
ONESHOT—Let’s meet again in the next life. [Axel & Roxas] [AU]
A short and interesting take on the 'meet again' line. 

Stuff by [ profile] miarr  
(I think some of this was originally written in [ profile] kokanshu  's kink meme, which, if you haven't already, you need to go participate in :/)  In any case, they're all fucking hot.
After the war
Prompt was cleaning up/bandaging of wounds after a battle; bonus points for licking blood.
allemande and part two and La Belle Dame Sans Merci, which are all French smut fics (first one and first half of second link is an Antoinette!Roxas AU, second half of second and third are a modern-day French setting)

Partners in Crime, by [ profile] kokanshu 
Kink Meme fic. Prompt: AxelRoxas, Handcuffs & Bottoming From The Top. Bondage, minor Sadomasochism. AU. 
The summary doesn't touch on the fact that the sex is heavily linked to emotion and feeling, which is both incredibly hot and actually pulls you in. Oh kink meme, how I love thee apart from the Axel/polar bear *dies inside*
Blue Eternity, by [ profile] zheynea  
He was afraid of the sea. I was afraid of losing him. But we both conquered our fears, so I can smile at him when we meet on the beach at sunset. -AkuRoku-
My throat gets this dull throbbing ache whenever I read this, the kind that only hurts worse when I swallow. 

[ profile] lhbaghead fic
I can't fucking believe I forgot to put these. (Thank you for fixing my stupid, Pia ;A;) These stories are very human, beautifully human, that's all I can really say. As with everything on this list I doubt anything I could say does justice, so READ THEM~ :/
Cancer Cells
Cancer cells are those which have forgotten how to die. While Roxas fights, Axel is here trying to save him. Akuroku, dedicated to A Spot of Bother
Beautiful Boy
Axel thinks he must be going crazy. Or it might be because he's suddenly seeing Roxas everywhere. -The one where Axel is a homophobic jackass who falls in love with the gay kid, Roxas- Akuroku, AU.
For Blue Skies
Sometimes, love is hard. This is what Roxas learns over the course of his relationship- and non-relationship- with Axel. AxelRoxas, dedicated to suddenchangeofheart
failures of flight
They practice eloping one day. Akuroku.
And you can be mine forever, as the darkness tells me so. AxelxRoxas, GRAPHIC HORROR, Serial killers, not for the faint-hearted or weak-stomached

[ profile] kaboom  fic
Searching in vain through random BNF's favourites lists on ffnet, I re-discovered this author I loved to pieces a few years ago before my almost internet-free year, and I lost a lot of threads. Kaboom (who I swear went by a different name back then!) has a knack for strange endings and hot sex XD
Ugly Shoes and Wolfish Smiles
Sex on a pool table in a shady bowling alley. What more could you want? AU, kinda kinky. Hope you like~!
Life of Size 2 Victoria's Secret Second Skin Bikini-Cut Pink Panties on Spring Clearance 
AxelRoxas The life of a pair of panties. Featuring Axel and Roxas committing unspeakable acts of panty abuse.
More fic can be found on her writing journal [ profile] bulletlung  and writing comm [ profile] 110_heaven  

gin and sin by [ profile] cautionbomb  (WIP) 
even if i 'quit', there's not a chance in hell i'll stop. AU, slash, het.
Gritty, stained and greasy. I love it.

Commentary by The Aquarium ([ profile] keldjinfae_moon  [ profile] caseyvalhalla  and [ profile] obstinate_fate ) (WIP?)
If this was real life, here's how it would have gone. Drabble series, same universe, no defined chronology; Riku, Roxas, Axel, and Sora.
I love this universe so much, it's so well written and the characterisation is pretty much perfect and it's just a delight to read. But this is an akuroku list and Commentary has been pretty much gen... until now X3 I am so happy that I can add it to my list cause of the akuroku chapter, BUT THE WHOLE THING IS SO GOOD OKAY. READ IT READ IT. 

Fic by [ profile] i_will 
I have way more recs for this writer over in the 'canon section' of this list, but here are two AUs posted only on y!gal, which you will most likely need to be over 18 and have a y!gal account to view. 
You Belong to Me
More RP-based fic SORRY IF THEY DON'T MAKE MUCH SENSE TO PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE RP orz just enjoy the smut I guess. >: Be aware that they have hearts and are married and Axel has been told that he's going to die in the future unless it can be changed (Heroes-esque plot).
This is based on an RP thread (which you can see here) in which Axel is locked in a confessional and can't get out until he's confessed his sins. The person he's confessing to happens to be Roxas~
Mr Darcy is Secretly a Raver by [ profile] yountilla 
Roxas managed to forget about his inhuman terror of roofies and physical contact with cuddle puddle minions for a moment. Raving, with benefits. AxelRoxas. AU.
Random and funny and includes sexytimes? Yes pls


Deceitful, above all things, by [ profile] ronsard  
The heart is. [30 Amnesias]
If you haven’t read this, I’ll have to come stand behind you with a rusty knife pressed to your temple until you finish it. It made me burst into tears in a public library, so be careful. 


A Thought and a Shadow by [ profile] caseyvalhalla   
"You are not Sora. You *were* Sora. What you are now is a fragment. A splinter. A coin that fell through a hole in his pocket and was left behind. You must not call yourself by that name." But Roxas never wanted to be the hero. Axel/Roxas and others
This fic made me cry in a way I thought only Titanic ever would (yeah shut up). I mean, I knew how it was going to end and logically it was the only way and omfg. Just. Just. The happy and cute parts make the ending WORSE. WOOOORSE



The Five Steps, by [ profile] ronsard  
A portrait of grief. Five perspectives converging on canvas, and five people not directly involved in the drama.
This fic pretty much defined how I saw KHII Axel ever since I read it.
Oh, and if you haven't cottoned on yet, you must read EVERYTHING ELSE by [ profile] ronsard  .

…And pretty much everything at, which is mainly porn and always made of win. And if you’re into more fandoms than me, you’d probably enjoy other things on the site, too ;D Check out the FFVII stuff~
Be Somebody, by [ profile] laylah  .
Roxas/Axel. explicit. ~1000 words. They’re lying on their backs afterward, staring up at the ceiling, still breathing hard — Axel can never seem to remember to pay enough attention to know if they need to breathe, when they’re not speaking — when Roxas decides to be difficult.
Sunlit, by [ profile] laylah  
Axel/Roxas. explicit. ~650 words. Fire is Axel’s element, the one that bends to him, does his bidding, but it’s light that loves Roxas, whenever they make it to a world that has any.

Naivety, by [ profile] caseyvalhalla  
If they were normal humans, Roxas figures, they would know what these things were and what to call them. They aren't, and they don't, but they can probably be content with not knowing, anyway. --Axel/Roxas
BRB MELTING. This thing is so sweet and real and… just. Read it, please, it’s the best kind of fluff.

Pretty much everything by [ profile] tabitha_dornoc  at [ profile] tabbyworks  . The fics listed here are just a few of my favourites; she has written so much awesome I couldn’t possibly mention them all. Just please check out her master fic list.
There Wasn’t 
[PG13; Axel, Sora, Roxas; 5766 words; KHII] Some small part in his mind told him it should have been harder, really, to capture the heralded hero of the keyblade... Axel gets Roxas back the good old fashioned way.
Mister Penbrook
axel/roxas, rated NC17. It’s mission time, and Axel and Roxas are paired together to take over a new world. Roxas is unimpressed and Axel is mostly just amused.

Pretty much everything by [ profile] roterstern  (and, like a fair few of the people on this list, she’s awesome enough to even talk to me, too, which makes me go all high and silly). For some reason this drabble in particular pulls something in me. But I think this one takes the cake.

Canon fic by [ profile] kat7077  
The Tale I Told to the Breeze 
[AkuRoku] Axel, who is in love with Roxas, who is in love with the world. Because there is only one way this can end.
Fucking fate. I would tell you to read [ profile] suddenchangeofh  ’s Crow Bait straight after to feel warm and fuzzy again..... but it no longer exists on the internet. This should make you even sadder.
Up in Smoke
[AkuRoku] Burning up from the inside out.
Elysian Fields 
Axel kindasortofmaybe wants Roxas to remember, because he is under the impression that this will give him some sort of chance. Roxas just wants to fly.
This one doesn’t knife you until you remember how their story ends in canon. Then it friggen SHANKS you. SHAAANK (also it turned out almost canon which is forever priceless)
and every star rattled
AkuRoku. Thing is, you never knew when to give up.

Paper Hearts
, by [ profile] lewdness  
It was the only heart Axel had to give. [AxelRoxas][Oneshot]
In my own little world this is canon.

Completionverse by [ profile] harukami  (WIP?)
A post-KH2 universe which features my OT6, which includes absolutely beautiful akuroku. Even if you hate OT>2, even if you think concepts like Axel being in Riku are stupid, READ IT. It will CHANGE YOU. This is how it’s done.

Everything Will Be All Right by [ profile] rex_dart   
The fact that he doesn't have a life of his own won't stop Axel from being part of Sora's. It's the pain that'll do that. AxelRoxas, RikuSora, SoraAxel if you squint. Post KH2, non AU.
The writing style is a little weird, maybe cause it’s in present tense (I dunno!), and there are a few typos, but the story just shines out so bright you don’t notice (until your second or third reading ^^;) Corny? Maybe. But. ;A; ♥

Ships Drown, by [ profile] thisisaudo  
This is what Axel and Roxas do when faced with a drowning ship. AkuRoku. Lime.
One of the most fucking hilarious things I have ever read. But then that might simply be because I know the joke.

Phantom Fire, by [ profile] sister_coyote  
You make me see too clearly,' Axel says, and for a moment Roxas can see the bonfire in his cat-green eyes, the way he burns himself alive." Axel/Roxas.
An exploration of motivations.

Imaginary Friends, by [ profile] zaphkiel  (fic journal: [ profile] rabbitprint  )
Spoilers, Axel and Roxas preCoM. Friendship is a strange thing for creatures without hearts, and Axel isn't sure what to do when he might be falling prey to it.
Gen, or perhaps pre-slash to me everything is pre-slash. In any case, I love the scheming Axel in this, so much, I do not have words. Gah.

Rare Birds, by [ profile] kokanshu  
drove through ghosts to get here. AxelRoxas.
Beautiful imagery... hot porn... there's a reason I never used to review some fic, and still find it insanely hard; they take your words away. [ profile] kokanshu fic can also be found on her writing and rec comm [ profile] hongkongstar, which you will need to apply to join to read there. 

the sting of the sea by toastyoats
This is like nails on scratchboard; quiet dismemberment of a sunny day. AkuRoku.
Axel's POV in a series of letters. I think it's absolutely beautiful, walking a thin line between the outside-Axel and the inside-Axel. Love~

The Alex Cornerverse by [ profile] nekokoban (WIP)
A universe in which Axel has been reborn (with So/Ri/Kai on the side mm). Their relationship has edges and wrinkles, shadows even. They're not perfect, might not even be love, but it's something really fucking close to destiny in any case. The whole thing can be read here and here; these are just the Axel--Uh, I mean Alex/Roxas parts ;D
And a Wreath of Flowers for his Crown
For the memories you cannot let go. 3167 words :: OT3, Roxas/Axel :: part of the "Alex" cornerverse :: end of game speculations/spoilers
Things Old and New
The happy ending, the second chance. 8415 words :: OT3, Roxas/Axel :: Part of the "Alex" cornerverse :: :: end of game speculations/spoilers :: NOT WORKSAFE [M/M sex: Roxas/Axel]
First Steps
Settling in, sort of. Maybe. 1379 words :: OT3, Roxas/Axel :: Part of the "Alex" cornerverse :: :: end of game speculations/spoilers
Born in Fire
Alex regains fire. 1906 words :: OT3, Roxas/Axel :: Part of the "Alex" cornerverse :: :: end of game speculations/spoilers
Where No Shadows Hide
Boredom can be better than the alternative 2609 words :: OT3, Roxas/Axel :: Part of the "Alex" cornerverse :: :: end of game speculations/spoilers
Eight things (about learning to live with a heart)
Alex's learning curve 1222 words :: Roxas/Alex, SoRiKai OT3
Like sparks to dry wood. 2027 words :: NOT WORKSAFE [M/M sex: Alex/Roxas]

Courtship Rites (or Thirteen Ways to Die Trying) by [ profile] nekokoban 
5560 words :: Axel-->Roxas
I love these old pre-Days fic, salve to my soul. The end just tears at you.

When It's You and Me by [ profile] aura_wings12 
In which Xigbar mentions puberty, Roxas wants a kiss and Demyx thinks kids these days are far too developed.
Okay, so I love my Roxas bitchy and my Org-era fic heartbreaking, but I kind of also like the idea of him being slightly dorky in the beginning because of not having any memories. This fic is AD (Anno Days hur hur hur), and has a brief mention of Xion, but it's so cute and funny and pretty hot.

the devil's dictionary by [ profile] cautionbomb 
it's onesided. roxas.axel
Sparse, impact-ful writing, short. I love the way it is constructed, kind of like a weird poem. 8D

Bubble Bath by [ profile] lifeinahole27 
Warnings: Bathtub!sex, swearing, the usual as far as I go. XD
Funny, cute, porn. I love pushy Roxas~

Fic by [ profile] i_will 
Keep It 
Axel doesn't know what to say to that, but hugs Roxas tighter, breathing in his smell and kissing his hair. Warnings: Language. Yaoi in the original sense of the word. Sexual situations. PWP. Status: Oneshot. AxelRoxas
Nnnn I love awkward first times so much <3
Questions & Answers
I don't have your answers... I don't have anything.' 'You've got me.' Warnings: Lemon. PWP. Status: Oneshot. AxelRoxas
The Kingdom by the Sea
We loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Annabel Leigh. Warnings: Language. Sexual situations. Lemon. Status: Oneshot. RoxasAxel
FUCK YES TOP ROXAS *dances* and in a library *fans self*
Do you think I'm a bad person, Roxas? Warnings: None. Status: Oneshot. Axel & Roxas Friendship
Nice perspective of Axel coming to terms with CO.
For You 
A series of unrelated drabbles. Warnings: Language. Sexual situations. Status: Ongoing. AxelRoxas, RoxasAxel
Fight the Doubting
300 word drabble series. They will likely have nothing to do with each other. Warnings: Language. Sexual situations. Status: Ongoing. AxelRoxas
The chapter that the link leads to is something that stuck in my mind and I wished I had found for a very, very long time. I am so happy that I found it again <3 A mystery solved :3 
This fic below is on y!gal, so you will need to be over 18 and have an account there to see it (I think).
Loving is fine if it's not in your mind/But I've fucked it up now, too many times/Loving is good if it's not understood/ Yeah, but I'm the professor/And feel that I should know
I just really love what's unsaid in this fic ;___;

Transformation Central by [ profile] dualshine 
Whatever way you look at it, he's definitely a yak.
Axel and Roxas are on a mission on some twisted fairy-tale world that has gone seriously wrong. It's AD, so expect an adorable yet feisty not-quite-getting-things Roxas XD If this doesn't make you smile, you have no soul. That's dual's talent right there.

ANON PORN FICLETS FROM [ profile] kokanshu 

(Some of these might be already in this list under their author's names, I'm hopeless. Forgive meeee... also most of the titles are just what I remember them as 8D)

'Thread Snaps' 
'Salad Tossing'
Car sex
Buttplug dare
'Pretty boy running'
Ice-cream play
Weird size-changing-ness
Horny Roxas 
Hilarious chemistry puns
Days-flavoured 'Rewards'
Why there is a crashed truck in twtnw


[ profile] 117days  by [ profile] pouikee  and [ profile] feraldolce  
One Hundred and Seventeen Days of Pure Fucking Awesome: The daily copulation of Axel/Roxas themed art and fic until the US release of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.
I don't really know how to describe this project, and I don't really think I ever could. 117 pieces of art and 117 corresponding drabbles. 117 worlds, 117 snapshots, 117 ways to break your heart, make you laugh, fall in love over and over. The salve for those who were burned by what came out of 358/2 Days. Memories of a whirlwind season of livestreaming and pure awesome in my flist every morning. Of extremely beautiful people that I have no idea what I'd do without, any more. I haven't come close to describing this project, still. Go, absorb it, fuck.

Ice cream by [ profile] kokanshu  and [ profile] thanatophilia   
Outside an ice cream parlour somewhere in Tokyo, Axel sits alone at one of the small two-person tables. The parlour's tucked away on a side street, small but well-kept, glossy looking, the window behind him housing an impressive display of colourful fake ice cream cones in lieu of a menu.
This is actually an RP, and I think it is insanely beautiful. This comm, [ profile] implied_spaces  , is full of that, so please check out out! 

There was a recommendation to read a project by [ profile] pouikee  and Matt here, but I've already said that Matt's things are no longer available. Instead, go look at pouikee's art. It is fucking awesome. I don't care that this is a fanfiction list just for this.

My gosh, I can't stay away from this thing.

Anything I haven't put here? Comment, please!! But please know it won't necessarily be added to the list o3o


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