Jul. 4th, 2010 02:02 am
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 Ok I just want to say before I sleep
That I have started FFXIII and I AM PLAYING IT not my brothers. And. I am in love with everyone

Hope is so fucking adorable, I want to hug him all the time and cheer him up AND THEN VANILLE DOES IT FOR ME and I love her too cause of that.

I also think Vanille is kind of like me. Annoying voice and a bit too positive in circumstances when it probably pisses everyone off and runs like a dag. Except she is way more confident than me. BUT I STILL CAN RELATE TO A FELLOW ANNOYING-VOICED DAG RUNNING SISTER~

Also I love how Snow is all 'I am the hero and I never give up and I will save everyone ya ya ya' only to have Lightning PUT THAT BITCH IN HIS PLACE. (I also love Snow)

And I love Lightning so muuuuch and no the fact that she is so adorable when she is emo has nothing to do with it

AND EVERYONE IS AWESOME. But I like Hope the best best best because he is so so cute and SAD and REAL and I just want to huuuuug him foreverrrr but I already said that *goes in circles*

And there are nicknames for screaming when emotional.

Lightning = Cloudsquallerina
Snow = Kurt Cobain
Sahz = Choco (lololol the originality, it astounds)
Hope = Bicurious (my brothers keep cracking jokes about him getting boners and it led to this nickname somehow)

Also somehow we started calling the bad guys 'piss com' instead of PSICOM cause I misread it 8D

Vanille doesn't have a nickname. Except we keep calling her Vanilla by accident. That's all I have met so far. I am loving this game cause I can actually play it ;aergjhaethgf and it is so beautiful.

*falls into bed and will sleep forever*
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I don't care how old this is, it always always makes me happy o3o

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Because I felt like it.
do do do do do ) my favourite. (Secret: I tear up at around 2:58)

remixes )


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