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...Though it almost feels that way! It's almost the end of the school year here, and assessment is killing me. 

What that means is, though, that if I survive, in about three weeks I will be home until January next year. And yes, the annual exile from the internet is upon me once again.

I think it will be a good thing this time, though. I fully plan to use that free time (that I'm not using on the USB [ profile] onthecount sent me, which I've been saving, hee) translating the novels, because
a) it keeps my Japanese from going rusty,
b) it's a personal goal and
c) I promised.

So! If I'm not a huge flake for once, I plan to get all the novels I own done and dusted. That means all three of the BBS novels, the first Kh2 novel, and possibly the last few stories from Short Stories 2. So please look forward to it!

Of course I might not be able to post them until next year, but... you know me. I can usually weasel a way ;D

Hell, if you're really lucky I might use them to procrastinate from study in the three weeks of exam block that start next week, but I dunno. My brother's getting me Sims 3 Pets...


Hope everyone is healthy and happy ♥ Til next time!


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